Sunday, January 18, 2009

Premier Support- Tun Razak And The Lambretta Factory

Tun Abdul Razak B Hussain is our second prime minister, he was known as the father of development in Malaya (the old name of Malaysia) at that time. With his leadership he has brought Malaya towards a better country and his dream is to see Malaya at par with other country that has achieved their independence from the British. This is the picture of him riding a lambretta motorscooter when he officiated the opening of lambretta assembling plant in Johor. In this picture Tun Razak was riding Lambretta Special X 150 model, a model that is very rare and hard to find nowadays. I keep on wondering if the lambretta he rode in that picture is still exist and running until today. We in Malaysia should pay our tribute to this great machine as what Tun Razak did at his time previously.

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